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   Option 1 (208 pages) 
Integrated Arithmetic

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  Option  (350 pages)
Elementary Algebra
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          Option 3 (288 pages)
 Intermediate Algebra
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     Option 4 (454 pages) 
   Elementary Mathematics
 (Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry)

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      Option 5 (380 pages) 
  Intermediate Mathematics (US)        (Algebra, Geometry, Trig.)
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      Option 6 (614 pages)
      Elementary Mathematics &    Intermediate  Mathematics           (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geom, Trig                  click for more 

        Option 7 (713 pages)    College Algebra & Trigonometry                 (Precalculus)     

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     Option 8 (549 pages) 
       College Algebra
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      Option 9  (483 pages)
       Calculus 1 & 2                        (This is super)
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    Option 10 (286 pages)
 College Trigonometry
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       Option 11
   Advanced Calculus
      Made Elementary

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       Option 12                   Power of Ratios
Plus                             Navier-Stokes Equations  Magnetohydrodynamic Equations, Traveling Salesman Problem. P vs NP Problems
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